Underwater Earth commenced work back in 2010 with a simple, single-minded vision - to reveal the ocean to the world.

The ocean, representing over two-thirds of the world’s surface area, critical to the planet’s health and wealth, is out of sight and therefore out of mind. How can anyone love and care for something they cannot see and cannot understand. 

From this was born our first big idea… taking Google Street View underwater

Fast forward eight years and our list of achievements includes: 

  • the most comprehensive survey of coral reefs ever conducted, carried out across 26 different countries;

  • specialist expeditions to the many corners of the ocean including Galapagos, Monaco, Brazil, and Loch Ness (OK, so not part of the ocean);

  • the capture of over 1 million panoramic images creating the world's largest underwater visual archive;

  • the announcement, revealing and following of The Third Global Coral Bleaching Event which in turn, became the subject of an Emmy award-winning major Netflix documentary;

  • a major exhibition at the Natural History Museum in London;

  • the launch of 50 Reefs, a global plan to save coral reefs;

  • and a collection of immersive, award-winning VR films.

We could not have done this without our partners and collaborators that include Google, XL Catlin, The Global Change Institute at The University of Queensland, NOAA, IUCN, UNESCO, the Oceanographic Institute Monaco, Mission Blue, Exposure Labs, Bloomberg Philanthropies, Tiffany and Co Foundation, the Paul G Allen Family Foundation and many others.