Virtual Reality

With over a million panoramic underwater images collected on our expeditions, resulting in the largest visual archive of underwater environments, it was logical we extended our work to include 360-degree films. VR allows for powerful storytelling. It allows the 99.9% of people who have never dived to uniquely experience the ocean - it's beauty and importance, and the issues it is facing.

Under our brand Seaview 360, we have produced and directed a number of award-winning VR films - films that take people on powerful journeys; that inspire;  that celebrate marine protection as a replacement to over-fishing;  that hero the work of scientists on the Great Barrier Reef; that demonstrate many of the issues the ocean is facing and what we can do to limit our impact. 


Out of the Blue 

“Out of the Blue” is the inspiring story of the legacy inherited by the children of Cabo Pulmo. Once described by Jacques Cousteau as the Aquarium of the World, years of overfishing killed the reef and pushed its inhabitants to the brink of extinction. To get their reef back, the Castros—a family of fishermen family in Cabo Pulmo—chose to sacrifice their source of income and food by making a revolutionary yet dramatic decision. Directed by Sophie Ansel, narrated by Sylvia Earle and Judith Castro. A Film produced in partnership with VR for good by Oculus, Pelagic Life and Reelfx.

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Palmyra_Atoll_ Crazy_Corals_©Underwater_Earth_Christophe_Bailhache

Palmyra ATOLL

Palmyra Atoll is one of the most pristine marine ecosystems on the planet due to its remote location and the impressive conservation efforts that have kept it healthy.  Experience some of its unbelievable beauty and biodiversity in 360°, and discover for yourself why it’s been named a Mission Blue Hope Spot. 

Brought to you by Underwater Earth and Seaview 360 through a NOAA Fisheries grant and support from the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service and The Nature Conservancy.

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A series of short VR films on Greenpeace commitment to saving the ocean and all life in them. These films are successfully being used for direct dialogue campaigns in the street, and in over 500 schools in the Netherlands for education and outreach.

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Dolphin encounter on the Great barrier reef

Underwater, you never know what’s around the corner… Although they usually hunt in groups, solitary dolphins can also be seen hunting. This bottlenose dolphin let us be a witness of this rare moment captured in full 360°. Brought to you in collaboration with the Great Barrier Reef Foundation and Lady Elliot Island Eco Resort

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Join H.A.H Prince Albert II of Monaco during his visit to the remote reefs of Tubbataha in the Philippines for a critical turtle conservation project in collaboration with the Tubbataha Reef National Park. Dive into one of the most beautiful seas in the world, the Sulu Sea. 

A Seaview 360 Production in collaboration with the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco