When Did the Ocean Lose Its Magic?

Written for The Ocean Agency | 22 December 2015

Written for The Ocean Agency | 22 December 2015

Last week a giant squid appeared in a harbour in Japan. It was the stuff of legends. A sci-fi like encounter so rare that it has only been captured twice before. Yet it barely made the news and the Kracken just disappeared back down to the deep.

When did we lose our fascination with the ocean? In the age of Jules Verne, there was nowhere more exciting. Jacques Cousteau kept it going, our love affair with his Silent World, but since then the ocean has slowly, but surely, drifted out of sight and out of mind. 

The ocean hasn't changed. We have. We still have an alien world on our planet, every bit as magical and bizarre as in Jules Verne's days. Yet we're not really interested anymore.

I can't help but think we're missing out. However that isn't the real problem. The ocean is the source of life on our unique planet and we're not noticing that it is failing - failing because of us. We're not noticing and we're not acting. 

It's time we brought the magic back. To re-engage people with the ocean. People have evolved quite literally, our brains have been rewired by the onslaught of technology. But ocean communication hasn't evolved. It's time that changed.

Now there's a creative challenge to get excited about.